Data Unspun

Data is your most valuable resource

11ten Group’s new and unique service, Data Unpsun allows our digital marketers to gather your data and turn it into a series of in-depth insights which will radically redefine your future marketing strategies.

The ability to get your message to the right person at the right time will dramatically transform your marketing campaigns. Customers, and their buying habits, are becoming complex. With the increase in mobile usage, brand emotion and social media influence, you can no longer take a direct linear approach to digital marketing. The ability to generate untold numbers of enquiries is no longer the smart or cost efficient way forward.

Understanding the true value of a customer is a key starting point of any marketing strategy. Knowing a prospective student’s trigger points, having insight into their awareness of your brand, combined with proven information on how to reach them can be the difference between a brilliantly executed strategy and absolute failure.

Marketing Audits

Customer Insights

Web Analytics

ROI Modelling

Data Consulting

Data Audits

Data Strategies

Campaign Strategies

Predictive Marketing

Whatever your goals our digital marketing experts using Data Unspun will create a tailored package of data services designed to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

This is the digital marketing service you’ve been waiting for; the chance to make the right choices in targeting and optimising your marketing strategies while gaining maximum ROI.

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